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Welcome to blogging, let me introduce myself.

This is something I was always thrilled about. For my first post, let me introduce myself.

I never know if introducing myself (professionally) as a designer is beneficial or bad. It pretty much depends on people’s view on design. I am trained in Product and Industrial Design, but to be specific I am just the opposite. I would say I am a holistic designer, who takes into consideration people, products and events. You may think “What is different from other designers?” – There is an easy answer, everything.

I shaped myself as an interaction designer, since I consider people’s needs when designing and focus on the user-system interaction. The process of considering people’s needs is different – people’s experience instead of needs, and it is important for me to create high-empathy in order to wear the users’ shoes. Design is, afterwards, more than just interesting and challenging – it is personal. Letting you “be the user” affects the design process and result.

I see the context I am designing for from a holistic perspective. The overview of the whole makes you aware of the environmental entry points when designing. An example: when designing a comfortable seating experience is not just about the seat itself, it is also about the position, or how the person is entering a car – what is the person’s story. Getting to see all this entry point helps you evaluate the context, and at the end, deliver a design.

Personally, I see design as a transparent, yet very subjective, layer of a collaboration system. An ongoing building system of networks which incorporates and crosses diversity. Diversity in the sense of involving different backgrounds of people. And then, using different approaches such as participatory design, participatory innovation, co-design and user-cantered design to deliver a meaningful experience.

Designers shouldn’t be facilitators, but active stakeholders in the process. Gathering these above grasped aspects, we can move from a traditional design mentality towards delivering experiences, which is in itself an innovation strategy.

“Reflecting on the future, my mind constantly dwells upon the effect technology has on human life and its ability to improve one’s experience. Oppositely, looking back at my previous work, I see threads and connections that (re)define my vision within knowledge and experience, the reason why my vision, in itself, is an expanding ecosystem.”


Cheers and stay tuned,



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