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Hi reader,


Welcome to my monthly, thought-sharing, idea-spreading, post. This time I want to blog about something I have been vey passionate about, like most of humans on this planet, TED talks – specifically, TEDx Utrecht. I have been very lucky to attend this event with so many like-minded people.

The talks we ranging from many fields such as economy, health, design, music, biology, sustainability, personal experiences, and many more. All of those had something in common: changing the world and inspire people. I was surprised how many people use creative thinking. My previous post was all about creativity, and how every person individually (and not only the stereotypical designer) should use it every day, in every filed. TEDx just confirmed such statement. People standing at the stage had an ambition, a thought and they were not afraid of failing or rejection. Creative success comes from your inner genius, and this is what they are. They re-search, re-think, re-try, re-design, re-do everything all over again. This is how they shape inspirations into great solutions.

Not to make this blog post toooooo loooooong (VISIT TEDx Utrecht FOR VIDEOS), I will quote some things some speakers said (Some pictures below!)

Ruben Abels said, that in a future when robots will replace human work in the resource-based economy, human values will be centered. Finally, will be able to concentrate on such values: passion, freedom, life!

Raphael Fellmer said our thoughts are creating shaping our reality. He is a person who is passionate about the environment – running a project called YUNITY.

David van Bodegom in order to live healthy, we need to change the community and not directly ourselves. “Together we can prevent collision”

Tijmen Schep talked about how big data (not new gold, but oil) is starting to create picture of us and our lives. Data discrimination happens- it’s about what you do and how you behave, and Data is not neutral – there is always something behind the notes.





After 2 coffees, 8 hours, 27 speakers, hundreds of staff members and volunteers the expectations reached the goal. Thank you for inspiring others. I will do the same, in my own, small world, and someday I will be able to share and inspire other, on this same big platform.




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